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Is there a buyers guide that i can look at or can someone email me it ?

I am about to buy either a R32 or R33 GTR
things i need to know ....

what about service history if its an import ?
v spec or not v spec ?
v spec lookalike ?
what dealers? warrantee etc
r32 or r33
I have up to £20000 to spend but dont really wanna spend that much
mods or totally standard ?
is it easy to resell - will i lose a lot of money ?

the choice of cars i am looking at are ..
m3 evo
lotus carlton

car will not be subjected to much milage as i dont need it for work
i have already owned an m3 evo bit a skyline is still my dream car although the carlton is too although alot older.

look forward to your replies


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