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Is there a buyers guide that i can look at or can someone email me it ?

I am about to buy either a R32 or R33 GTR
things i need to know ....

what about service history if its an import ?
v spec or not v spec ?
v spec lookalike ?
what dealers? warrantee etc
r32 or r33
I have up to £20000 to spend but dont really wanna spend that much
mods or totally standard ?
is it easy to resell - will i lose a lot of money ?

the choice of cars i am looking at are ..
m3 evo
lotus carlton

car will not be subjected to much milage as i dont need it for work
i have already owned an m3 evo bit a skyline is still my dream car although the carlton is too although alot older.

look forward to your replies



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You should get a UK R33 for around £18-19K with FSH. Probably a 98 car for that money. UK cars command more £ as they have Middlehurst fitted parts such as Connolly Leather, oil and diff coolers. Oil cooler is main benefit over Jap import.

R33 Imports for same age around £17 K. Suggest go for Vspec. Watch colour as you may have problems sellin. ( white is most unloved colour in trade )

Dont be put off buyin a modified Skyline so long as its been done in the UK by reputable garage like Abbey, Rod Bell, GTArt, Middlehurst etc.. If u plan on modifyin your Skyline anyway then suggest search and find one that is already done. Will save u loads of £ in long-term. Generally upto 500 bhp is considered reliable limit / £

R32`s will be classics but find right one. R32 Vspec like rocking horse shit - Buy if you can find a good one. If you are after a R32 then buy from UK as Jap prices are high due to demand

R34 - Prices droppin rapidly and volatile. But great car.

Personally love R33`s - Soon to be a classic - I have a R33 Purple V Spec - Import

My 2 pence worth.



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Totally agree...

Just writing to second everything Peter has said in the previous mail. I too personally prefer the R33, both from an aesthetic and generally durability standpoint. There are lots of pros and cons for each of the marques however, for the money you are willing to spend, I would go for a stage two modified R33.

Don't think that you have to go for a UK car either as the majority of the modifications these cars have as standard over the Jap imports would have been done as par for the course in a Stage two tune.

I personally bought a completely standard R33 import and used that as a basic shell on which to build my own unique car.

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