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Hi all

i want to share you my project specs and pictures, i already post an old thread for it :) but now we are here with many changes :)

please check an old one

then lets see the news :)


HKS F-CON V-Pro (Golden Edition)
HKS Twin Power version II
Precision single turbo GT42 by GARRETT
GReddy Exhaust Manifold
Greddy Type C wastgate
ARIAS Bistons
EAGLE connecting Rods
HKS 272 Cams, Left 10.2
TOMEI valves springs
Port Polished engine Head
HKS 1000cc Injectors
HKS size 11 Fuel Rail
SARD Type RJ Fuel Regulator
DENSO 280 LB Racing Fuel Pump X 2
Aeromotive Racing Fuel Filter
PIVOT electronic turbo Timer
GReddy Profec B spec II boost controller
Defi Gauges (version II New Blue Color)
Custom 3.5 inch Full Exhaust system
KAKIMOTO Racing R Exhaust Muffler
TOMEI Head Gasket
BBS LM Edition 18 Racing wheels
HKS 4 inch intercooler
GReddy oil Pump
HKS Oil Filter Relocatio.n Kit
GReddy oil cooler
SARD oil Filter
OS Giken double Plate Racing Clutch
OS Giken Closed Ratio Gears
MOMO Racing driving wheel
Cusco Roll cage
SKYLINE Strut bars (Front/Rear)
TEIN Adjustable Master Flex Suspension
Oil Catch Tank
HKS KANSAI 4WD controller
NISMO Thermostat Temperature valve
NISMO White Version Meters (320 km/h - 11000 RPM)
HKS Blow off valve SQV kit for BNR32
Veil Side CI model Side skirts

Last result was 817 rwhp @ 29 psi with pure Q16

My target is 950+ rwhp

the pics:

one of my friends added one of the videos in you tube

YouTube - skyline abo slem killer u s


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is the radiator pipe which runs across the front of the engine a common setup? (sorry not a engineer, would be nice if someone explains)
No its not the standard rad set up. Was looking at it myself wondering what reason was behind it? maybe a lack of space?

Nice car by the way and some good power figures:thumbsup: love the red looks sweet. :cool:

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Car looks stunning, radiator resembles that of a 2JZ setup but maybe it's an SR rad or something. Get a RB setup and remove that pipe, other than that the car is mint. Just heard from a friend that his supra has dynoed @ 1190HP locally without nitrous, he is hoping for a bit more on the gas.

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that pipe guys is used as part of a water swirl pot kit, and a larger capacity radiator ( would not be surprised though if it s the same aftermarket rad used in the supras) its used to remove air bubbles that build up in the cooling system on high power high rev gtr engines, I haven,t seen it much over here, got the gtr bible up stairs ( hyper rev and there is several of these kits )

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Very nice. What is the can for in the engine bay near the (Brake cylinder)?
Who is tuning the F-Con for you? I know of no F con tuners in your part of the world.
Thank you
thanks for your comment dear, the can for break fluid (Break oil), about the F-con tuned by one of most famous tuners in middle east Mr. Husam Altaieb, he is very good tuner and he already tuned MOBILY GT-R and it already run 8.4 in the quarter miles in Bahrain circuit, the guy dressing blue beside the car in the next clip :)

YouTube - husam & Ahmad GTR 32 runing 8.47

YouTube - Ahmed tayeb's R32 GT-R
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