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Guys i am happy i just put up a T 78 in my GT-R . Here are the videos

I have a couple of things to ask from you guys,
I am using 95 Octane thats the best fuel available in my city, @ 0.8 BAR the knock i get at 2000 RPM is 120 -140 then it drops down to 80-60.

There are 5 idle settings on the hand commander, which is the one that sets the idle without the AC on ?

When i had the boost controller kit on it was missing badly but when i removed it the missing went away. What should i do ? do i have to re-calibrate the 3rd map sensor ?

What should be the AFR at 0.8 BAR ? i was getting around 22-23 at idle and it went till 20 at 6000 RPM.

Your precious comments are needed.
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