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Hi guys went down to essex at the weekend to pick up my hja sourced r32 gtr from RK tuning, was nice to meet Ron really nice guy!

Built by Garage Exage Japan

Exage Spec R r34 gtr n1 engine 500bhp
n1 crank,conrods and pistons
n1 block
n1 water pump
n1 oil pump
fully blueprinted and balanced
hks limited edition air filters
hks gt-ss turbos
nismo fuel pump
nismo fpr
nismo 555 injectors
nismo afms
nismo baffled sump
greddy profec b spec 2
greddy turbo timer
greddy 256 cams
Titanium exhaust system
hks downpipes
sard sports cat
greddy oil cooler and relocation kit

ferrari f50 brembos with 2 piece rotors
nismo r tune suspension
VOLK TE37 with 265/35/18 tyres
nismo coppermix clutch
subframe locking collars

defi guages
r33 gtr drivers seat
momo wheel now changed for a 360mm nardi classic

I would put some pics up but not enough posts :(
The car is fantastic and I love it, nice coming froma 650bhp s14 to this which can put the power down!
The only issue im having with the car is the handling is a bit crap due to the rear end feeling like its either very loose im suspecting a hicas or tyre issue as it also suffers from severe tramlining especially when changing lanes or on a bumpy road but I think this may be down to semi slicks on the front and budget tyres put on the rear to get it through mot.
Debating whether to get semi slicks such as r888s but not sure how terrible thye are in the cold and standing water.

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Sounds like a nice one!

Get some decent tyres on her, then a full alignment check.

I have locked out the Hicas, as the R32 system is not a fast acting as later models and I didn't like how it felt.

Also, there are a lot of bushes in the back end and these may be getting tired. I have replaced mine with poly bushes and car feel much tighter.

Few of us are down at Brands on the 7th - if you aren't too far away, maybe pop down and grab some passeger lifts.



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Sounds lovely and yes get posting so we can see some pics!! :)

Tyre wise having different ones front and back esp semis on front and budget in rear can cause all sorts of problems - the difference in size can upset the 4wd split.

Depends how you want to use your car with tyres?

R888 best if you're going on track mostly, otherwise road/street tyre better.. Lots of choice- let us know what you're planning to do with it and we'll give you some options:)


650hp s14 sounds immense!! :)

You'll love your 32!!



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Nice one Andy sounds like a real nice 32
Hic as lockout bar and some new polybushes would definately b a good upgrade
650bhp s14 sounds mental and a lot of fun!
Looking forward to seeing some pics of it mate
Welcome to the 32 world
Ul love it

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its an awesome car very fast and nice to drive just the rear end looseness and tramlining letting it down, im going to order a full set of michelin pilot super sports for it this week hopefully! Few wee interior niggles i.e clock doesent work, white interior door handels :S and damaged vents that i will get sorted but apart from that I am very happy with it.

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Very nice and clean looking 32 Andy
Love the bronze te37s on it!
Got my 32 from ozz at hja as well
Top bloke and does sell some nice cars
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