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I have been on the site now a good few months. Only getting around to posting Pics now. I bought my first GTR about 6 weeks ago, and loving it since day 1 so far.
Have a few plans for it but will be leaving it a couple of weeks before i start as hoping to save a few ***8364;***8364;***8364;***8364; before i start.

Spec as so far is:

R34 GTR Vspec in Bayside Blue, 1999 60k miles.

Kakimoto Regu 06 exhaust system
SARD high flow cat(NCT friendly)
Kakimoto down pipes
Apexi air filter
HKS Hard Pipes
GReddy/TRUST Intercooler
HKS bov
GReddy boost controller
Apexi PFC Ecu with hand controller
Dyno'd @439bhp and 364 lbft torque
HKS twin plate clutch

Enkei Nt03RR wheels- Special edition forged version of the Nt03, built by enkei for R34 race cars, wheels are engraved "R34-GTR-NUR-GP.N"
Federal RSR Tyres, practically brand new <1k miles
NISMO S-Tune adjustable suspension
NISMO suspension bushes
Standard Gold Brembo capilers/discs with Endless CCX front pads and Ferodo DS2500 rear pads

Top Secret(genuine) front bumper
Top Secret(genuine) carbonfibre front splitter/undertray
C-West side skirts
VSpec rear carbonfibre splitter
NISMO clear side repeaters
NISMO clear front indicators
NISMO white dials
NISMO gearknob
NISMO mats (brand new, only just fitted)
BRIDE seats, driver and passenger with bride seats rails

Car was imported into Ireland in 2008 and has been owned by the importer till i bought it of him.
So looking forward to getting to know all about these iconic cars and getting bit by the modifying bug I'm sure.
I have a list the length of my arm already haha.

Enjoy the pics and i would greatly appreciate all inputs that ye may have


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Cheers lad, Ya i really like the blue/white contrast too, just a serious pain in the hole to keep the wheels clean, especially with all those spokes
True that matey, but these are special wheels therefore need special treatment ;)
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