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The first picture of the car in the UK I will post some better ones in the next few days

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The car has quite a few mods, maily due to it being owned by a guy who built custom cars for a living ( This was his daily drive)

Body MASA flared front wings and bonnett with MASA front grille. Full body kit , Aftermarket rear lights , Painted in pearlescente dark Metallic green (this was actually an original colour option)
4WD ( as gtr but not 4w steering) Lowered with adjustable tein suspension A.V.S. type seven wheels (with 235 45 17 Goodyear F1s)
Black seude recaros with matching door panels . Has Apexi 60mm white EL 2 guages in A pillar (4) Kenwood DPX 5200M digital sound system with screen ( I have not worked out half the sound options yet) . Full uv tint4d windows.
2.5 DET with standard turbo. 4 speed auto with o/drive on every gear and power shift option. (Also has snow mode ) fitted with apexi air filter , Blitz dump valve and apexi 3 stage boost set up . Bltz nur spec 2 exhaust .
The car has covered 63.000 km and seems to drive well (only done 100 miles)

First impressions is that its much quicker than the standard RS four V I was driving Which is now up for sale. Anyone interested ?
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