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just joined and taught id show you my r32 project, i know its a gts-t but still a skyline:thumbsup:

bought a month back and only really stocking up the parts and collecting at the minute, added a japspeed decat

17" Deep Dish RS Alloys(getting rid of asap)
buddy club coilovers,
Frontmount Intercooler,
apexi induction kit,
apexi exhaust System
Vertex Front Bumper,
Apexi Turbo Timer,
Boost Gauge,
Momo Steering Wheel,
Recaro Bucket Seat
japspeed decat


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bit of a update on this, is a copy and paste of an other site

taught id start this thread as the skyline is going for a bit of a freshen up

as it was when i started

added a japspeed decat which there isnt any pics off

then i started adding my new front end

first i needed to change my bonnet latch to a gtr one, unfortunely i didnt know id need a bonnet release cable at the time so il have to get one but i kept going anyway

the gtr latch. can see the old one in the bottom right corner

the old one off

then new bracket on with out latch

with that done next i decided to go at the wings

passenger side,


new wing on, a tad bit wider eh :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:

my driver side wing on. i just gave it a quick primering, will be properly preped for paint

next i need the bonnet, so i bought this off knight racer, great company to deal with,

old bonnet off

new bonnet on

and then i added the gtr grill

i also added a few weeks back the east bear mirrors

as it stands now, but hopefully be a few more updates soon :glasses10:

did a bit more on this

out with the interior

the roll cage :icon_biggrin:

mock up

and it in, has to be taken back out to paint it, but am happy enough with it

another update, and some of the worst pictures taken ever :p

started with test fitting the kit and rear quarters, and removing my intercooler and bumper

bit of masking tape around the edge to get the holes roughfully level

opposite side i know, but fitted, screws for now as the panel behind it needs to get a little work before fully fit

also fit my tbo spats, works with the vertex kit nicely

and the side skirts

fitted now, still needs a small bit of tweaking

just need to fit one skirt and my bumper, need the help of a air saw to make room for my front mount.

sold the carbon boot today, so im back to the metal one, a few parts are on the way to me, firstly bought some cusco camber arms that were going cheap, small bit of surface rust on them,


and painted

also got these to today

today i finished the kit which involved a bit cutting arch away, the arches still needs a bit of trimming or flaring

fitting the wheels,

and on the car, i am delighted with them,

i will get better pics soon

took a pic of how it is today, looks well, bit like a mad max car but it will get there

decided a back seat will look better, so i put that back in and with the cage in, not very functional but looks sweet and tidy actually ;D


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also got myself a set of recaros compared to my one, looks much better in black

and with bride seat rails

and got myself a pair of schroth harness's,

and my a new strut brace

and i am going to remove hicas completely with use of a non hica subframe of a s13 silvia

and a few of the upgrades to go on

cusco camber arms(not in pic), driftworks toe arms, driftworks traction arms, driftworks tension arms, GTR r32 Anti roll bar, driftworks bushings subframe and arms, driftworks steering bush, gtr cailpers for bigger brakes

started getting this ready for fitting the new subframe and removing hicas at last, as well as making underneath as mint as i can, there is a small bit of rust on the sill, *and in the boot, so that will need welding,

my coilovers

as it is now

all the parts that have came off,

then carefully pry with a flathead screw driver at one end, mine opened easy enough after getting the initial end loose, use a towel or something, it is very hot

now loosing the screws at the top, and at the bottom, carefully pry the bottom corners to unclip it,

now sand to remove any blemish, cracks etc from the housing



and carefully rebuild

how the final product will looks, i didnt sealed this back up yet, i have a lot of sealer still to clean out of it, Thumbright1 and not sure whether to put the reflecter for the projector in, would it affect the light badly?

heres a before and after pic basicly:D

il do the other when i get more sand paper

this arrived to day

and threw this on :D covers me well i think

bit of update, started sortin the rust, the car is solid bar two parts


the rust

grinded back


needs a bit more sanding

a pic of the new headlights with black housings

the ps13 subframe has been taking by a mate to get my bushes pressed out and new ones *in. hope to have it back on wheels next week
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