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Hi all

Well ive had about her for about 2.5 years ish now, was selling her last year but managed to wangle some cash to keep her but fraid time has come for her to move on and me to revert to my 1.2 clio :(

Heres the spec

1996 R33 GTS Spec 2 Type M

Tomei 1.3mm Headgasket
Tomei 256deg Pon Cams
550cc Injectors
R32 Clutch (uprated to handle the turbo)
Walbro Uprated Fuel Pump
HKS Supper Dragger Exhaust
Hybrid FMIC
Hybrid 1.3 Bar Turbo (fitted about 1 month ago)
Splitfire Plugs
Apexi Power FC ECU
Apexi Power FC Hand Commander
Apexi Induction Kit
Apexi Power FC Boost Controller
19" Seibring Alloys
Carbon Fibre Bonnet
Cobra Alarm
Alpine headunit

Car was mapped by marc light at garage in wishaw.

It hast just been undersealed last month when the turbo was installed ( i wanted to finish the project before selling it :( )

I'll stick some pics up at the weekend but wanted to post this up to see if theres any interest. (not a scratch on her)

BTW im in newcastle

£6100 ono

mail me and [email protected] for any info


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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