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So recently bought my r34 at Christmas but havnt really moved forward with the project yet. Managed to find out with a lot of engine/chassis work done. The plan is make it a gtr rep but still got the power to back it up.

I was originally looking for a r34 gtr but decided againest the idea as I didn't really want to leave the drifting scene, so this idea was the best I had to keep it up.

Here is my s15 which took me 3yeArs to finally get it how I want it (now for sale)
Kinda of annoying coming to the end of a project then wanting to sell on! Will post some photos of those cars later on.

So here's the skyline as it stands now.

The RB30 engine was built, run in and mapped by Martin Battye at MB Automotive and has done less than 6k

Spec list:


RB30 bottom end
RB30 block - 0.5 overbore
Custom domed forged pistons 86.5mm
ARP big and main race bearings
Forged conrods
Full bottom end balanced
R33GTR head
Ported and polished + squish area from head removed
Tomei 260 poncams
Bronze valve guides
HKS cam pullies
Clear cam pully cover
RSP head drain kit
Mines cam baffles
Apexi head gasket
N1 Oil pump
N1 water pump
Nismo thermostat
Nismo engine mounts
HKS oil cap

Custom breather tank
700cc injectors
DoLuck Coilpacks
4 bar map sensor
HKS fuel rail
Fuel Lab pressure reg
Greddy intake manifold
Custom pipe work for intake manifold
Trust 3in Intercooler
Walboro lift pump
Bosch 044 main pump
custom swirl pot
19 row heavy duty mocal oil cooler with filter relocation
Mocal Power Steering cooler
50mm big rad

Link G4 ECU : 600hp at 1.5 bar

Turbo set up

Comp GT35 - T4 billet turbo
Rips twin scroll manifold
Turbo jacket
Turbosmart 60mm wastegate
Custom down pipe
Zircotec ceramic coating – Manifold, downpipe and Turbo back housing
Japspeed stainless steel exhaust
KN Filter - 4 in
All boost lines braided hose
Braided water hoses – AN fittings


RB25 gearbox
Exedy twin plate clutch
Nismo GT pro lsd
GTR drive shafts
Nismo big clutch cylinder
Braided clutch line
Nismo gearbox mount


Brand new CS2s coilovers
Cusco upper camber arms
Tein steering rods and ends
SuperPro steering rack bushes
Japspeed tension rods
Subframe locking collars
Solid diff bushes
Garage D custom Hicas delete kit
Nismo braces
Nismo Anti roll bars
Nismo spec suspension arms - Powder coated with superpro bushes


Nardi wheel
Defi digital display
Blitz turbo timer
Profec B boost gauge – link ECU controls the boost
AEM Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge


18x10.5j xxr's all round.


Seibon carbon bonnet
Knight racer carbon boot
Knight racer carbon mirrors
Nismo rear LED lights
Clear front indicators
Clear side repeaters
Arches professionally rolled for wide wheels

Plan is to kit properly with a full gtr kit including cutting the rear quarters out for the gtr fenders.

Just having a few issues with grip at the moment but looking forward to the summer to be able to drive it properly!

Thanks :)

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Yeh it's amazing to drive! And through corners it was amazing grip! It's just getting the power down I'm having a issue with at the moment!

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Slight update...
Took the 2way out and swapped for a gtr diff and also fitted federal rsr 265's... Made ALOT of difference to grip! Still getting wheelspin in 2nd upon boost but the pull is so much better!

also took my doluck brace out which I'll put up for sale soon.

Still can't upload pictures just yet!

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Yes mate made a massive difference! Still struggling abit in second but I don't think I'll ever be able to get no spin. :)
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