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Please note i am writing this up and it is a work in progress - it will be edited and pics added.

I bought my R34 GTR about 4 years ago importing it through JM-Imports. The car came into the UK looking like this:

And to be honest nothing has changed there as I loved it.

The car had :
Blitz Nur Spec exhaust
Blitz Induction Kit
Apexi FC
HKS Hipermax III
TS Bumper
Carbon spats
Nismo side spats
Carbon wing stays
BBs wheels

I was very happy with this and have loved owning the car. I knew of the subtle mods I wanted:
ARC intake and some dress up parts, these were bought and fitted.

ARC Intake
TS strut brace
TS oil cap
TS Gear knob
Ts mats

Shortly after these were added to the mix:

I really enjoyed the car but I began to feel , what if it had better suspension more suited to UK roads , what if the brakes were a bit sharper , wheat if it had more power and response.

At first i looked to the cars i was always saving pics of on my laptop

Mines R34 GTR test car #1

Me and my mates talking to Toshi head of developing Mines cars , he said i would enjoy the spec and spoke of their new '3 R34 car which was just behind the guy with the camera.-

MP Top Secret Competizione R (and of course HIPO)

I started having a good think what I wanted , as it was not to be an out and out track car I didn***8217;t need all the power in the world and this also meant I wanted to improve the inside. My thoughts were to inject my influences into the car from those above; although it was already clear I loved the Top Secret style and cars.

I was in Tokyo in Jan 2013 and met some grat guys who are now friends, Ken being one of them .

This is Kens car

Although when I saw it was a work in progress and had just had the bumper fitted and no engine!

It was then that I met the guys at Top Secret

And also importantly for me the manager Mr Shibuki;

I then started talks with ken for TS to supply me with the parts i had been talking to him about.This developed and some discussions continued. It was at this stage he mentioned they could just build me an engine based on a new NUR spec N1 they had got in for a good price brand spanking new.

After everything that had happened in this year (some personnel stuff) I though f**k it I want my dream car. And so it began.

The parts list :
NUR spec N1 base engine
TOP SECRET Extended and baffled sump
Minor head work
HKS cams
HKS Pulleys
HKS OIL and Water Pumps
HKS Gaskets
HKS Fuel Rail
Head Bolts
And some other minor TS tweaks
HKS 2530 Kai
IPE 1000CC R35 injectors
SARD fueling system (Up-rated hosing ,reg etc.)
Nismo Fuel Pump
Tomei Manifolds
Tomei Elbows
HKS mahussive oil cooler
Koyo Rad
Nismo engine mounts
HKS front pipe + De-cat
HKS V Con 4.0 (wasn't used as no licenses or connection cables are outside of Japan yet and its release date was Jan 27th .....after I had bought it !)

Sky Engineering supplied:
Link G+ ECU + mapping (600PS final tuning - for now until more sensors etc are added)

Some other modifications were also arranged:
Leather and Alcantara Re-trim (through JM)
Ohlins Suspension
Alcom Super Brake Kit - Dl-Brakes
Nismo Bushes
wheel re-furb
Nismo clocks installed - Top Secret Supplied
Nismo Interior Mirror (carbon) - Omori (April 2014)
Nismo Filler cap - Omori (April 2014)
other stuff lol

So JM imports received this :

Along with a whole host of ancillary parts and began to piece together my car.

First the old RB was dropped and anything needed was taken off the old engine.

The new engine was installed.

Following on from this the car was ran in, during this time the wheels were refurbished and the interior was treated to leather and alcantara re-trim.

From this -

To this -

Upon completion of the run in the car was mapped and given the final touches including a set of Ohlins road and track coilovers :D

Suffice to say the car drives and handles great. I am very happy with the results and plan to change nothing........said no one ever lol.


install KTs maf piping replacement hardpipe and HKS MAF deletes.
Install Do-Luck tension bar set
and that will b it for now.

My main aim is to enjoy the car

(some from SCS and nicked from Facebook)

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Wow..... That's stunning. Nice build mate, top work :thumbsup:

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By far the best r34 in my opinion has stunning looks and performance to go with it. Keep up the good work

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Yeah just wanted to finish her off as it always looked as I wanted .

That is also my favourite PIC (2nd from top) Danny is going to retake some pics this weekend out on some proper back roads :)

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This is my favourite R34 out there! Absolutely beautiful and I was lucky enough to see it in the metal.

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Wow thanks !

Just had the few last bits fitted so will update with pics this weekend.

Next plan i think will be to replace arms and feshen everything up chassis wise with Nismo parts :)

Make use of non-use during the salty season !
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