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GTC authorised dealers for Nagisa Auto

Over the last few years Nagisa Auto is quickly gaining fame and popularity for their highly custom suspension and chassis parts. Using their custom parts, they hold the super lap (time attack) record at the many of top Japanese circuits, and conquered many manufacturers and professional race teams that are many times larger that were seemingly undefeatable. Nagisa Auto is one of Japan's rising stars.

GT-R long lower arm corresponding drive shaft & spacer set

Front Upper Control Arm

Front Upper Control Arm replaces the OEM piece with a much stronger unit with spherical pillowball joints.

Nagisa Auto - Upper Control Arms (Front) - R34

Allows for adjustment of camber settings beyond factory specifications. Camber settings affect tire wear, and more importantly, front traction under various types of lateral load.

Multi-link suspension pieces feature high quality construction and durable spherical pillow ball ends, which eliminates factory rubber bushing type suspension arms. Pillowball ends are special coated to decrease wear.

Nagisa Auto - Lower Arm (Rear) - R34

Nagisa Auto - Lower Arm (Front) - R34

For all cars with height adjustable suspension, or cars that are lowered susbstantially, it is unavoidable that the vehicle roll center will also rise. This will cause bump steer conditions. To combat the rise in the standard lower arm, Nagisa Auto has developed their own line of original adjustable lower arms.

Adjustable Front Lower Arm

To combat the rise in the standard lower arm, Nagisa Auto has developed their own line of original adjustable lower arms.

Pillow Adjustable Toe Control Rod

Adjustable Rear Lower Arm

The Rear Lower Arm allows adjustments and corrections to camber. Camber may be adjusted without needing to remove the lower arm after installed. Adjustable out to 20mm. For Racing Applications.

Bushing Rear Upper Control Arm

Replaces factory rubber bushings with solid mounting pillowball units for the firmest mount and highest degree of steering response and improved handling.

Nagisa Auto R34 HICAS Cancel Arm

This arm eliminates the HICAS from the R34 Skyline GT-R.

Eliminating the HICAS from the rear suspension can improve stability and predictability, as the factory HICAS system can cause unpredictable variations in steering due to worn parts.
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