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hello resident suspension experts, I have decided to turn my GTR into a time-attack machine for a big race event coming up (modified tuner shootout). it will go back to street car duty afterwards, but i am working hard to make the car competitive for the event. We got 2nd place the last 2 years in street subarus and we dont want to give that up. There will be a dedicated track porsche 911 twin turbo awd as well as the sierra sierra cosworth evo so we have to be on top of our game to do well.

The chassis and engine are VERY solid and have plenty of time with no problems. Specs are:

R32GTR front suspension, caster changed to 7degrees through custom upper mounts. Stock swaybar, Stock Upper Arms, Stock lower arms, Stock tierods, Quaife Front LSD, urethane swaybar bushings
R33GTR rear suspension, full adjustable links, R32GTR stock swaybar, nismo LSD
Tires are Hoosier A6 (Autocross compound for time attack) and BFG R1 (enduro + lapping) 275/35 on a 18x10.5
Torque Split is running fixed with 40-55-60psi in the transfer case (ATTESSA eliminated) depending on preference
built motor, single twinscroll turbo, 680whp on E85

I am getting a set of triple adjustable motons, and they will be used only for the track (will switch out to my koni 28 series for the street). Curious on what you guys have used and i may also end up picking up some ohlins since i was offered a set at too good a price to pass up.

Please advise on swaybar, roll center adjuster height, tie rod changes, spring rates, alignment and anything else pertinent. We are taking care of aero and improving the cooling right now, will jump on susp middle of next week, need to make some decisions. thanks for reading
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