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Was going to keep her on as a project over winter/spring but in view of possible new arrival reluctantly i'm having a clear out and moving her on. The car is uk registered on an H plate -1990, and is ideal for a project/rebuild if your in the market for one. I will not split or sell any parts - it all goes as job lot as i don't have the time to break her and faff around with posting out parts.

Admittedly it may not be the best route to market given that parts wise shes worth a lot more to you all individually, but thats for to me to suffer and you to profit from.

The Spec is as follows:


Head removed and stripped for what was going to be a my rebuild/upgrade. Comes complete with all of the valve train and ancillaries, 264 HKS cams (no idea of lift or duration) The short motor is an N1 block and is still in the car along with all the ancillaries like AC, Oil and water pumps. The internals are stock apart from forged pistons, although unsure of the make the are undamaged. The Block will need a refresh due to a spun bearing on 6, but otherwise everything is in good order. Has Greddy plenum, T78 recently overhauled with Trust tublar race manifold and external waste and trust down pipe + ally rad. I'm keeping the fuelling system and IC so you will need to source injectors, rail and reg. Exhaust Ziegen R drag master with cat replacement.


HKS Fcon Pro V, Blitz IBC 2 boost controller and HKS T/timer


Strong with OS gear set and Trust short shift no syncro problems and is mated to an HKS triple and cusco diffs front and rear.


Shell is gunmetal grey and the interior dash and panels have been removed (again this due to the complete overhaul/rebuild.) The shell is rust free and the interior is in excellent condition. Exterior: Nismo boot spoiler, N1 Headlights
You will require a front bumper and consol surround only (sold to a friend)


Nismo S Tune lower and upper arms with Zele adj suspension all round with standard GTR brakes. Wheels G7 Panasport split rims immaculate no kerbing with new Goodyear R1 tyres.

Hopefully she'll find a new home and be restored to forma glory - open to sensible offers.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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