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Hello everyone,
Just received word from Albins about this interesting new gearbox, which is a COMPLETE replacement for the GR6 transmission.
Current pre-release pricing can be found on our website for the transmission plus clutch options and additional control items.
Albins AX35 Complete Replacement Transmission for the GR6, World's largest selection of R35 GT-R parts for sale, and in-house builds at our shop in Atlanta., Albins_R35_AX35

Albins AX35 Transaxle

A bolt in heavy duty transmission for use in Nissan R35 vehicles with extreme power levels.This unit has been designed as a direct replacement for the OEM transmission with internals designed to withstand the rigours endured in applications where the power levels are approaching 2000hp.The transmission features are:

6 Speed Sequential Operation
Paddle Shift or Manual operation
Active centre differential
Oil Cooled active centre differential
Various clutched input options
Dry multi plate clutch with manual operation (requires a pedal and master cylinder to be fitted to the car)
Dry multi plate clutch with paddle control
Stand-alone operation eliminates factory TCM limitations
Replaceable drop gears front and back facilitate easy final drive changes for 1/8th mile, short track to standing mile or terminal speed runs.
Multiple inspection ports for easy internal inspection and low maintenance
Gear Profile Ground gears for strength and durability
Isotropically finished gears for wear resistance and friction reduction
Wheel and Pinion manufactured with Klingelnberg Palloid system
LSD rear differential or spool option
Internal oil pump and filter system
Can be packaged as a 2WD or 4WD installation

Specifications above are indicative of AX35 initial release product and may change.
Pre-Delivery enquiries are being taken at present. Delivery to market date is expected to be Late April 2016.
Photo below of standard R35 Gear versus AX35 gear demonstrates gear tooth width differences.

I will post more information when available. In the mean time, feel free to contact me directly with any questions.
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Sounds very interesting, I currently run an Albins 4wd shaft in mine and love the extra transmission noise that it gives out.
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