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Hi folks,
Hope you'll forgive the intrusion by a non Skyline driving non-entity like myself, I'd like to pick your brains if I may.
I drive a 97/R reg 200SX which, if any of you has ever driven one will know, has the most unsupportive seats ever.

I was wondering if the seats from an R33/34 would fit straight into a 200sx and how often (if ever) these things come up for sale.

I've found a pair from an R33 from a specialist garage we all know and love but at £450-£500 they seem a bit steep and if I'm going to spend that amount of cash I'd probably get new Aftermarket items.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. If the chap who drives the yellow R34 around the Regent St area posts on here, I love your car and want to have it's babies.
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