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Thanks a lot Guys!! I've bought the car two weeks a go....

Ciao Cox!! Sono un amico di Max (Stein) anche io possessore di 350Z ora passato su GTR 34... Ti conosco di fama... Max mi ha sempre parlato dei tuoi 32 e dell'Nsx :)

soon pictures! ;)

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kakimoto racing full mega n1 premium

kakimoto racing front pipe

power enterprise injectors tl700

hks fuel pump

hks fuel rail

hks fuel pressure regulator

trust greddy suction kit

greddy aluminium intake piping set

splitfire coil pack

hks spark s40

carbon hood cooling panel

greddy timing belt cover

tein bonnet damper

ats carbon clutch triple disk

water pump N1

power enterprise timing belt

nismo oil filler cap

nismo radiator cap

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I would change all the oils, what do you recommend?
Yesterday posted in another thread about our cars Differentials was this info regarding the transmissions fluids which I think is very useful Sayberwolf....

Fluids. I like Redline. I use Shockproof in the front and rear. I like my diffs to last, and it gives you a real shockload advantage. It can make the rear diff bind up a little at low speed, but I did find by setting my car to rwd it didn't bind the same under low speed high steering angle.

Nissan's recommendations on fluid types.

Front Differential (F160) - GL5 85-90 1 liter - (1 quart)
Transmission fluid - Don't try and fill it though the gear shifter. Though the gear shifter is the transfer case . GL4 75-90 4.1 liters (4.3 quarts)
Transfercase - Nissan Automatic Fluid Type D 1.8 liters (1.9 quarts)
Rear Differential(R200) - LSD GL5 80-90 1.5 liter(1.5 quarts)

There are also two more separate hydraulic systems in the car. The power steering/HICAS, and the ATTESA system. Each use ATF. Each has its own reservoir.

Nissan Skyline GT-R s in the USA Blog: Preparing a NISMO Nissan Skyline GT-R for a Track Day : Fluids
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