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You can find more pictures, details, and purchase our Kaiju Racing 90mm Resonated Mid-pipe here:

Our Kaiju Racing Resonated Mid-Pipe has the following features:
  • Two 76mm 3" pipes merge into a 90mm 3.5" single pipe to improve exhaust efficiency, horsepower and engine response.
  • At 19 pounds, it offers a weight savings of over 33% compared to the 30 pound OEM mid-pipe!
  • Made of premium stainless steel using high quality TIG welds with performance AND quality in mind.
  • Our Kaiju Resonated Mid-Pipe features largest stainless steel resonator on the market, which makes this mid-pipe have minimal sound increases for clients who do not like a loud car. The resonator is a straight through, one chamber design, which does not impede exhaust flow at all. It also has the same inner diameter as the rest of the piping so it is not a 'bottleneck' for exhaust flow. This results in the exact same horsepower and torque gains as our Kaiju NON-resonated Mid-pipe!
  • Dual flex sections to allow thermal expansion and contraction without the worry of welds cracking over time. These flex sections also have the SAME inner diameter as the rest of the piping to eliminate bottle necks which many other mid-pipes have. Also, the flex sections have braiding on both the outside AND inside of the pipe to eliminate any turbulence (see image below.) Some mid-pipes have inferior flex sections with no inner braiding, which can cause turbulence due to the accordion type design.
  • Wrapped with DEI Titanium Heat Wrap with LR Technology to help prevent radiant heat from going into the car's cabin, reduce sound wave frequency to prevent excess resonance and drone, and keep the heat INSIDE the midpipe to increase exhaust velocity thus increasing turbocharger spool and response.
  • Removes the stock secondary catalytic converters, thus allowing MUCH better exhaust flow and sound. These are not emission legal and are for off-road use only.
  • Includes a gasket and new mounting hardware to connect to the cat-back exhaust system.
  • 20-30 minute installation with basic hand tools (14mm wrench and socket/rachet).
  • In the pictures shown on this page, you can also see a picture of this mid-pipe with NO heat wrapping. We did this to display the high quality of the piping and welds before the system is wrapped.
  • You can view a video with sound on YouTube by CLICKING HERE!
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