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Hi all...

I am soon to be the proud owner of a White 1995 R33 GTR. I have many plans for this car to try and trakc down it's origonal history from japan and tunr it into something special. My first plan is to give it a thorough service. Tis is where the help starts.. Can any please tell me what should be changed as a standard service.. and the best/most reasonabale place to get parts.. Also I want to change the cambelt for peice of mind as i don't know if it's been done.. only has 29000miles on the clokc but it has had 320km/h clocks put in at some piont so not exactly sure what the mielgae is yet.. but the engine and turbo's appear in A1 condition. Who can supply cam belts and is it possible to change yourself?? what is the lump on the front of the belt timing cover and is it safe and easy to take off?? no springs or things that will fly out or break? I want to repaint the cover and repsurme I need to remove this item to at least check the timing belt? If anyone has done a cam belt change and can give me a step by step it would be much appreciated! Also what oil is recommende?? I erad a few posts early and there was a lot of conflicts of grades and semi or fully synthentic?!

Once I collect it and and do the few bits I will post some pics and info.. I am very excited as I have wanted one since I got my license 10yrs ago!! I had to trade in my much loved M3 for it! so it better be worth it!

Thank you in advance and I am sure I will post more questions very soon!

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