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Hi all, thought I'd share a previous detail with you that may interest some...

The car had just about every option ticked, with a few listed below, resulting in a list price entering triple figures! :doublesho

£5k matte grey paint
Front and rear cameras
Full LED Headlights
Self-closing doors and tailgate
Carbon fibre everywhere
21" Diamond-cut wheels
Interior carbon fibre and entry lights
Performance exhaust system
Destricted to 189mph and 580bhp
And many more!

The main reason I was called in was for preparing the matte paint, which requires specialist products and care, so I opted for a full Swissvax protection.

A few before photos of the car; nothing too dirty.

Paintwork was first pre-soaked with Autofinesse Citrus Power to dissolve and lift dirt to remove risk of marring during hand wash.

Wheels cleaned with AMDetails Wheels.

The paintwork was cleaned with Swissvax Opaque which contains no gloss-enhancers - the last thing you want on matte paint!

The car was then rinsed off and driven into the drying bay

The front-facing camera came in handy!

Dried using the Wooly Mammoth Towel and The Microfibre Madness Dry Me Crazy

Compressed air was used to dry the gloss black wheels, to avoid unnecessary scratches

Rolled into the handover bay to complete the rest of the detail

Paintwork cleansed with Swissvax Opaque Pre-Cleaner, which left a sterile, unaltered surface ready for wax protection. A few interior marks were cleaned up and delivery protection removed

Windows wiped down and G1 applied as always

To be continued below...​

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Wheels and metal waxed with the awesome Swissvax Autobahn

Trims dressed with Swissvax Seal Feed

Gloss black paintwork and carbon fibre was protected with Auto Finesse Illusion

Paintwork finally protected with Swissvax Opaque wax, again leaving an unaltered but protected surface


Leaving a great looking matte finish but still enhancing the subtle Daytona Grey metallic!

A few small details were dealt with before rolling it out for photos in the sun!

Reversed back into the handover bay

The owner picking up the car had this to say on Facebook -

Andy did a fantastic job on my RS6 today. Will be recommending you to the rest of Inchcape Audi network...
Thanks again.
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