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Nismo are going to deliver a number of things to us, outside of the aero kits we have ordered (z tune, 33 gtr etc)

Items include

(any part made in japan we can supply no matter how obscure the tuner or item)

All Genuine Nismo

Carbon Numberplate surrounds
Carbon interior mirror covers
R33 “carbon” GT-R spoiler end plaques
New style carbon pillar trims
R32/33 gauge sub meters
Titanium strut braces
Fuel filler caps
R34 MFD upgrades
320kph clocks (R34)
Timing belts
Headgaskets (RB26) & Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
Actuator sets
Oil separator kits (r32/33/34)
Oil baffle plates
Oil caps (new and older style)
ARBs (front and rear for GTRs)
Performance Damper systems
R34 R tune air ducts
Engine Mounts
Interior mat sets (5 piece system)
Clear indicators (and smoked versions)
Suspension items – circuit link sets
Intercooler hard pipe kits
Intercooler core
Twin Turbo pipe replacements
Oil pump

Anything else just shout

Prices are depending on shipping (due to location & multiple order items are shipped at a discounted rate)

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I do fancy the carbon number plate surround and interior mirror cover if you want to PM me prices.

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hi sorry, ive been out with limited email/internet

tbh most of the parts are in boxes in bubble film as thats how they are shipped in japan from Nismo.

i can send you file pics i have if its a particular part you want.

SHAM - ive pm/d you as one of your parts has been posted today. (ARC)

regarding MFD - the upgrade is the circuit board, disc, and various other sensors required for the mfd upgrade from Omori.
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