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If you need anything just PM

All are GENUINE nissan items.

New Nissan centre dash trim (r32)
New Nissan gaitors (gear shifter) r32

Nissan R33 (GTR badge – the one by the gaitor)
Nissan GT R32 Side badges
Nissan GT-R badges for all gt-rs inc Nissan badges
Nissan Interior Trim panels for R32
New Nissan dashes for R32
New Nissan Front splitters r32
New Nissan sun visors (r32)
New Nissan middle console r32
New Nissan digital clocks (r32)
New N1 vents (r32)
New Nissan Window & door rubbers (R32)
New Nissan centre & side vents (r32)
New “gt-r” keys (r32/33)
New Nissan window visors (wind deflectors)
New Nissan standard wheel centre caps (r32) & 34 gtr
New Nissan steering wheel coupling (bit that goes by the steering wheel)
New Nissan gear shifters (all gtr types inc 35)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts