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D'oh, forgot about this thread...

Pikey, I can only say that you are one of the lucky ones. I have seen quite a few stories of bottom ends going on track if precautions aren't taken. Both here and on SOC and SDU.
I owned my unmolested, sub 30k mile Skyline for three weeks before taking it to Knockhill. It had had a service at Thor before I bought it and was running maybe a 3/4 litre of oil over the high mark. It was only running standard boost with filter, exhaust and intercooler upgrades.Even though I was driving it hard I was only out for 5 or 6 laps at a time before I would come back in and let it cool down for 10 mins or so (open pit lane). I stayed away from the rev limit too. It about the middle of my third session that I heard the death rattle midway through the above right hander :(.

It was really not a good thing to hear; my pride and joy which had just cost me all of my 'hard-earned' was knocking away like a Mormon on speed :p. My first (irrational) thought was I can't afford to fix this... I'm going to have write it off :eek: . As it is, I have managed to gather almost all the bits I need by making a lot of sacrifices and selling some stuff (1 kidney, both testicles.... and those were to my missus just to keep the car lol :p ). The car will be back on the road this time next month (hopefully for my Birthday on the 10th!) but I'll pobably be too skint to afford to fuel it!!!! Now I know what to ask for for me Birthday........... OPTIMAX!

So Pikey, as much as this is an open forum and you are, of course, intitled to your own opinion, have a look at what's been written above and please think about what you have said. As you say above you have track'd your car without modification to the oil delivery and/or pick-up systems without folly but there are many cases to the contrary out there. I know you wouldn't want to feel responsible if someone read your post and went out on track to knacker their motor. Obviously all cars have slightly different tolerances and race circuits take their toll on cars in different ways but have no guide to these factors and because of that, is it not better to advise a bit of caution?


PS. Mods , should I submit this list to you somehow or just start it as a new thread and request it be made sticky?
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