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Ok guys, I have been planning these for a while and they are finally in development.

These are for the RHD version. The LHD has been available for ages but here is the RHD version. They will be available in either high or low gloss finish and they will be a direct fitment over the original part which will take seconds to fit.

Here are the details:

Item: Argon Creative R35 Genuine Carbon Air Con And Radio Button Surround Cover.

Price: £175.00 delivered within the UK mainland.

Website Link: Argon Creative R35 Carbon Fibre Air Con Button Surround Cover (RHD Only) -

Info: These are manufactured in the UK using a 2x2 twill weave carbon fibre and can be finished in either a high gloss or low gloss finish.

Photos: I'm currently using the Rexpeed LHD photos just to give an idea on what they will look like.

The first batch will be ready in around 3 weeks so feel free to order on the website and be one of the first owners of one of these.
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