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Hello everyone! We sell and install many brands of brakes, and have found RacingBrake to be our most popular choice for track use and high end street use. We have helped with some of their product testing, and are happy to announce that their upgraded GT-R Caliper kits are done with testing and in production. Please see the information below, along with the attached document which compares RacingBrake to other manufacturers in terms of technical specifications. You can purchase these kits here:
Racing Brake (RB)


Press Release
Date: 3/27/14

Subject: GT-R Stock Replacement Calipers

Following more than 18 months’ extensive R&D, we are pleased to announce the official release of RacingBrake’s 6-piston direct bolt-on caliper kit for GT-R front.

Like OEM, we offer two OE size kits; 380x34mm for 09-11, and 390x34mm (vs. OE’s 390x32.7) for 2012+ In addition, we also offer an over-sized 400x34 front kit which still fits under OE’s 20” wheels. A matching rear 390x30mm BBK with RB’s 4-piston caliper shall be released in just a few weeks, our rear kit is super light compare to OE or other aftermarket kit, and is made to retain the use of emergency brake.

They will fit into the upright just like OE calipers w/o requiring any spacers or adapters, except RB caliper installation is more straight forward & less confusing. You don’t have to deal with two different mounting bolts (11 & 12mm), and two different caliper mounting holes (12.2 & 13.4mm). When installing RB calipers, you will be able to securely torque down calipers without having to “hold down the brake pedal for alignment” as those special instruction by Nissan.

RB calipers will provide an installation procedure that is commonly known to us in addition to easy access for maintenance and pad replacement.

Our calipers are made with forged 7075-T6 alloyed aluminum two halves, vs. OE’s 6061 one piece casting, for a stronger and more rigid body. The calipers are made with 40 mm groove so it can accommodate wider rotor, or same 34mm rotors with thicker pad (19.5 vs. 18.5mm) for extra friction and thermal capacity.

The other distinct advantage of RB caliper kit over other aftermarket kit is its flexibility, it allows you to swap with stock parts (rotors and pads) anytime you like and retain the investment of your existing parts (stock or aftermarket)

Attached to this release is a comprehensive feature comparison on RB calipers vs. OE and Alcon Super Kit for your evaluation. All listed data and numbers are deemed to be accurate and reliable at the time of this release. You can also refer to the link below for more illustrations and details.
Ultimate Brake Upgrade for Nissan GTR - RacingBrake Forums

RB offers a complete brake upgrade & replacement options including rotor, pad, and caliper rebuild components for GT-R, however this brake package will further enhance the overall brake system performance that meets the demand of any discriminating track racers.

Kits are now available for pre-orders with a 4-6 weeks leadtime and the order is filled on production lost basis, please feel free to contact our dealer SpeedForSale Motorsports or us direct for further questions.


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