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Hi all,

Got a couple of new products ready to launch and now available on the website :thumbsup:

First up is our new Serious Performance Ultra Spray Wax. What with the amount of new paste waxes being launched in 2009 and (in my eyes) starting saturating the UK market, I specifically turned SP's brief from offering a paste to offering an easy and fast to use sprayable wax, which can be used as a stand alone product or as a top up to peoples current wax or sealant LSP.

Serious Performance Ultra Spray Wax - 500ml - £9.95

Next up is our new Serious Performance Ultra Citrus Cleaner. A highly concentrated citrus based degreaser and cleaner, this product is perfect for cleaning pretty much any part of your car, inside or out! It can be used neat on extreme soiling or upto (or even above) 100:1 for very light cleaning purposes.
Serious Performance Ultra Citrus Cleaner also makes a great wheel cleaner for people with polished alloys or incredibly expensive alloys where 'normal' caustic or acid/alkaline wheel cleaners won't be used.

Serious Performance Ultra Citrus Cleaner - 1 Litre - £7.95

Many thanks for looking.
Alex :).
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