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Hi everyone,

Thought i would like to introduce myself to this forum.
My name is William and im from Glasgow, Scotland and soon to be a GTR owner.

My previous car was a JDM DC2 integra Type R which i've owned for just over 2 years now. I drove it for a year and a half before taking it off the road end of October 2012 to do a turbo build. Everything was fine up until when it was in for mapping in August last year... the bottom end started knocking. At that point i was tired of having no car so i decided in the end to break the car, got fair bit back from selling parts and took a break from cars and went on a holiday.

My holiday was a trip to Japan start of last month to visit Tokyo Auto Salon and see the city. As you would expect, it was absolutely amazing. The culture/food/cars and general quality of living was on a different level to here. At the show, i seen lots of GTRs there... mostly R35s as you can expect but there were also some 33/34 and one 32.

After seeing so many GTRs, upon coming back i originally considered saving up this year and planned on financing an R35 mid next year... until i seen a white R32 that Jurgen from JM Imports had in stock. I enquired about it and after realising he had 3 R32s in stock (grey/white/red) i spoke in depth about the grey one (love the 32 in grey).

So yeah, ill soon be the owner of a fresh import fairly standard grey R32 GTR. Mechanical wise it is all done and MOT is passed. Jurgen is awaiting details back from DVLA but he reckons he can get the car ready to collect this Saturday coming so will update on the situation. Looking forward to being part of the group here, i've had a look through the forum and everyone seems friendly and knows there stuff so can help me out as im new to GTR world.

Many thanks
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