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Hi, been lurking in the shadows for a while, thought it was time to introduce myself. Purchased a nice example of an R33 GTR off Andy(R32combat).

Car is going well, i'm still trying to learn about the driving technique of the car as in the attesa system. I have searched but can't seem to find an answer to the following..

Upon jacking the front end up, the passenger wheel seems to be locked up with the front diff (in or out of gear doesnt make any difference), the drivers side however rotates freely?
Also when driving, performed a spirited get away on a wet road & the standard torque meter only goes upto 10, i've never seen it go beyond this yet.
Car has a skylab TSC fitted also.
Any ideas if what i have described is normal or could there be a problem, no 4wd drive lights, pump seems to be working ok.

cheers Jon
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