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Hi guys ive recently purchased a R32 GTR with a R34 GTR engine in it, love the car but it needs quite a bit doing to it in terms of bodywork and a little bit to the engine. Ive been reading up on here since i was first taken out in a skyline which convinced me to change camps from an Evo VIII MR FQ320 to a 32 GTR, love the power not to keen on the handling but i have recently done a track day with launch motorsport and much more confident in the car now. I understand the basics of tuning but ive never had something this far developed and was hoping you guys may spot something that is missing i don't really want to increase the power currently around 550bhp but i would just like to feel more assured it's not going to pop. Ive been looking into oil coolers and filter relocation kits but not sure what else?

32 GTR Spec

Engine specs:
-R34 Block
-ACL bearings
-Tomei 1.2mm head gasket
-Tomei oil restrictor
-Polished crank
-New conrods
-N1 oil pump
-NGK spark plugs
-Spitfire coil packs

Induction and exhaust:
-Garret GT2860-7 Turbos
-Power Enterprise induction kit
-Z32 AFM's
-3" Janspeed exhaust system

Engine bay:
-HKS fuel rail
-HKS 720cc injectors
-Braided fuel lines
-Sard fuel pressure reg.
-Samco breather hoses
-Greddy & Nismo silicon radiator and intercooler joint hoses
-HKS gold earthing kit
-Nismo hard pipe intercooler kit
-Blitz BOVs
-New battery
-Aluminium Radiator
-100mm intercooler
-Rising Sun remap

Suspension, Brakes & Transmission:
-OS Giken twin plate clutch
-Tein suspension all round (not sure which spec)
-Std gearbox with Redline heavy duty oil
-Std brakes with Ferodo 2500s all round
-Front and rear strut braces

Exterior & Interior:
-18" x 9.5" Rota Ultralite wheels in white
-Nismo bodykit
-N1 Bumper vents
-Rear window tint
-Nismo sunvisor
-Wind deflectors
-Alpine head unit
-Cobra alarm system
-HKS turbo timer
-Nismo gearknob
-Blitz SBC-iD boost controller

I'll post some pics on the weekend but it needs some rust treated on the rear arches and quite a few stone chips on the front bumper. All in all i think not to bad for a 17 year old car. Thanks for all tips ive read so far, seems like a good community.

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If you're looking at an oil cooler a thermostatic take off plate would be a good idea. I plan to plumb one in as soon as I have time/can be bothered.

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Shinobi - how you finding it compared to your Evo...

Still pleased??

How does she handle compared to your 8?

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I love it, powers incredible like nothing ive ever experienced and the handling seems pretty good aswell. Was a bit unnnerved at the start about the rear it doesn't feel as connected as the Evo but getting used to it now and i think ti would be very competent if i tried throwing it around. Lucky guy going for a 34 mate, unfortunatly i was limited between a 33 and a 32 and the 33 doesn't do it for me to heavy and big personally. Would love a 34 one day. Have to work harder first though lol

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what power is your 32 mate...

Have always wanted a R34 but a bit worried about trading in and Evo X (400/400) with 9K on the clock and swapping it for a 10 year car...
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