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hello , as requested here is a little more info :D .....
my name is mark ( which you might have guessed ! ) and i love skylines , especially GTRs :thumbsup:
and i am the proud owner of a R33 GTR vspec , in dark grey pearl, it has a few mods and i just had it set up at owen developments last week and got 450.2 bhp:smokin:

I have had a few cars , some quick and some not so ,the gtr was always one of my dream cars , and this is the road i took to get to it !

1. a orange 1974 1000cc mini , but got board and swoped the engine from a 1275 GT
2. a biege 1978 1100cc mini clubman estate......... don't ask !:puke:
3. a brown 1982 1600GL astra ( with a crap rubber rear spoiler that bounced over bumps ! )
4. a red 1983 renault 5 gordini turbo
5. a silver 1985 renault 5 le car turbo
6. a red 1984 renault 5 gordini turbo
7. a red 1988 renault 5 GT turbo
8. a blue 1990 renault 5 GT turbo raider
9. a green 1995 nissan pulsar GTi-R ( 1 of 20 made )
10. a dark grey pearl 1997 nissan skyline R33 GTR vspec:clap:

............i think thats most of them ! ,

now how did any of you get to your skylines ?

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some of mine,

a 1275 gt mini
a mk1 1600 mexico escort
a fzr 1000 exup yamaha
a gsxr 750rr hypersport suzuki
a zxr 750 kawasaki
a nissan pulsar
a celica gt4 wrc
a subaru wrx sti impreza
a maxda rx-7
a r32gtr skyline :)

and many more in betwen.

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wow , thought i was the only one to own a 1275gt clubman mini:runaway:
but ive had some crzy cars since that, being my first car, some maniac bikes too come to think of it, never drove anything that was'nt supercharged or turbo:eek: :popcorn:

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Welcome, 450 bhp you'll soon find out is getting started :)


Ford Transit 2,5 diesel
Peugeot 106 Rallye
Peugeot 106 GTI
Bmw 320 1988
Bmw M3 1990
Peugeot 306 Gti " Peugeot 306 GTI "
Ford Escort Cosworth " Ford "
Toyota Supra MKIV " supra "
Nissan Skyline Skyline R34 " Photos "
Toyota Supra Mkiv (the second one) " Psycho II "
Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4

Show us some photos mate,

Nicolas K

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ha ha ha:chuckle: :chuckle:
how did i get to my skyline,hmmm
1.triumph acclaim
2.205 1.4
3. mg montego 2.0 montego turbo stage 2 motobuild, 210bhp(v.dangerous:runaway:)
5.escort rs turbo starion 2.0 turbo
7.escort 1.4
8.capri 2.8i silvia turbo
10.escort rs turbo
12.205 gti
13.saphire cosworth 340bhp stage 3
14.renault 1916v
15.starion 2.6 turbo
16.scooby wrx
17.supra turbo
18.another starion 2.0 turbo
19.e36 m3
20.r32 gtr (spec a bit of a mystery at the mo but defo has a few nice bits).
not including various diesels and i still own a few of the above!!!!

sorry to bore you people:blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah:

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here's some pics as requested.....:smokin: she goes well at 450 bhp but as always i would like, i mean want , make that need more powwwwwwer......! but not sure what to do next . cams , more boost ?...ect....ect.

oh bugger i can't seem to post pictures..! :mad:

soon as i work out how then i will put some on.
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