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lots going on here in japan at the moment.

We have known TOMEI for a long time and will be catching up again at TAS.

However we were offered a tour of their facility as things had changed a little recently.

ive hundreds of pics but i will update once im back in the UK at somepoint

Watch this space for new items and offers too!


New Oil Pan for GT-R in development

Engine / Parts dyno room

sound proof in there too!

its where all TOMEI parts are tested. Motec ECU was wired into this engine

RB26 - in temperature controlled room 20 degrees,

all parts lazer tested for temperature. only until everything is at 20 degree will they be put back together.

special TOMEI engine (GTR)

Notice the attention to detail

ive also put myself down for one ;-)

and the part of the store room

i think i need some parts

R34 bits

Turbos getting ready for the TOMEI TAS Stand

where all TOMEI cams are made

by one of the brothers of the founder of TOMEI

its an old TOYODA machine


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Now that is quality, looks a lot like the Mines set up. Love it when they do it on old precision machinery.:chuckle:
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