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Does anyone from NewEraParts still post up on this forum?

For the past 6 months or so I have tried contacting them via email and telephone regarding a refund for an order but have just been ignored or fobbed off...

The phone number posted on your website under the contact area (020 8123 7603) dials some sort of hotel chain.

When I send an email to your sales address no one replies.

My query is regarding a full refund for the following order:

Order ID 16926
Purchase Order Number
Order Date 05/02/2016
Date Shipped Not yet shipped
Payment Type Credit Card
Pay State paid

The item in question was ordered over a year and a half ago. At one point someone called Miguel did email stating you could refund but would keep 20% stocking fee in case it turned up so you could stock it because its a made to order part.

The part in question is the Craft Square TCA-F / TCA-N1 (Touring Competition) Mirror for RX8 - I know for a fact that Craft Square discontinued this item around the time I ordered it and so I know for a fact that you will not be receiving this part to send to me. IT was listed on their website as discontinued for some time and then removed completely.

Since I emailed back asking for a full refund I have been ignored. Countless voicemails left on the mobile asking to call me back but no response.

What do I have to do to get my money back?!

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