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plus electric motors!

In Auto Express magazine - interesting rumour anyway :

'Due to hit the road in 2004 and guaranteeing an output of at least 350bhp, the next generation GT-R will pack a 3.5l V6 with twin turbos as well as revolutionary wheel-mounted electric motors.

The engine will be at the front end and will drive the rear wheels while the electric motors power the fronts, each working independently of the other.

By using a hybrid unit in addition to the twin-turbo V6, regenerative energy is produced from the rear wheels while power is fed to the front tyres as required through the lightweight in-wheel motors.

Not only does this add to the car's performance, the system will also offer impressive stability control. In contrast to the mechanical Attessa E-TS 4WD system, there is no time-lag inherent in the new front-wheel-drive concept and it is capable of producing torque instantly.

However, the technology employed in the new machine will not come cheap. Nissan insiders are suggesting that by the time the car reaches the market, it will cost nearly £100,000.'
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