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Now before someone bites my head off for posting in the wrong section, I was unable to post in NHPC section because my membership status hasnt been updated for the last 5 months, so mods if you wish to move feel free. Please also update my membership.

We hear a lot from bad HPC's so its always worth mentioning the good ones.
Previously I always used WLMG Slough (Indie) for my vehicle service etc,, well since he left and they are no longer a HPC I didnt fancy getting stuck in traffic going all the way to Mill Hill. The other sensible option was Litchfields but since I had the Service Pack thought it best to use Nissan.

So I booked it in at Nissan London West (Park Royal) A40, just by the VUE Cinema.
At first I was a little tentative, its only a new HPC so wasn't sure how they handled dealing with the GTR.

In fact from start to finish they were absolutley brilliant, I cant really fault them.

The Service Manager was very welcoming and as soon as the booking/paper work was sorted the 1st thing he said was sorry for not giving me a proper loan car but we only have a Juke as they just recently got their HPC status, not really a problem to be honest the Juke was fine by me.

He then suggested was that I meet the GTR Technician (Costas) that was working on my car and go through anything that I wanted him to check over.
Brilliant, Costas came out had a good 10min chat, told him I needed the clicking noise at the front wheels sorted and the battery checked.

The next day I got a phone call from the service manager saying he would send me a video about some warranty work they wanted to carry out on the clicking noise issue from the front wheels. Link provided below. Nice touch.:cool:

I know a lot of GTR's have experieced the clicking from the front wheels and the video expalins the problem.

It seems this HPC are really trying to put the GTR customer 1st and treat them well, highly recommended.
They also seem mod friendly, I have a Litchfields Stage 4 and Alcon Brakes and there was no issue with warranty work, no funny looks no "we cant touch that".

So service completed, warranty work done, clicking all gone and a happy owner.:D

Well done HPC, hopefully they keep moving forward like this.
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