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For sale is a nintendo wii and a load of extras.

Comes in original box and packing, its in as new condition.

Wii console
2 Controllers
2 nunchuks
Gel covers for controllers
Wireless sensor bar (normal one included as well)
Steering wheel thing (contoller fits in it, not an actual wheel)
Baseball bat
Tennis bat
Golf bat
2 Light sabers (blue and red, yip they light up.. rather cool to.!!)

Light saber duals clone wars.
Indiana Jones
House of the dead 2 & 3
Wii Play
Emergency heros



Next a Sony PSP 3000 Slim and Lite in Piano Black

It sold in as new condition with original box, manuals, charger etc. There isn't a single scratch or mark anywhere on anything.

Also included are three games,
God of War
Wipeout Pure
Starwars Battlefront II

A 1GB member card with Action replay cheat thingy.

My wife bought me this for my birthday back in March. I can honestly say i have not used this for more than 3-4 hours. Its only been charged once (charging again now so i could turn it on and take a pic)



Finally Tom Clancy H.A.W.X for the Xbox360

As new condition £20 delivered.

Home | HAWX | Ubisoft


Halo Wars which is again in as new condition £20 delivered

Payment in the form of Bank transfer / cheque or postal order. (no paypal as account ceased due to hacking problems)


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PSP And Hawx game both Sold.

Wii Still available. Will also include Rouge leader (game cube game), 2 wired controlers and 1 new boxed (never opened) wireless controler. (game cube games work in Wii)
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