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Like wise, I would buy one "Today" if i could (& Trust me i have tryed)

Word of warning... Matty32 = NEWERA PARTS / IMPORTS

Skip the hastle, Spend your money more wisely & else were, Shocking customer service, pompous attitude & blatant lies...

I will continue to stive to get myself a Genuine Nismo 400R Bumper/Diffuser no matter how rare they are & if i have any success i will be sure to let you know how i get on... & please do the same for me also if you have any luck youeself...

you do make me laugh

if you had not messed about and given me the info i wanted there and then then you could have had your bumper

but you didnt, so we sold it else where...

sorry but its a popular item as you can imagine
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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