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Hi All, I need to gauge the interest in an event that Nissan Europe are holding on Tuesday 23rd September at the Nurburg Nordschleife for Nissan owners that the GTROC have been offered.

The details are a little sketchy at the moment and as usual we have very little time to confirm numbers and etc.

The basics are the following but are subject to change in the next few days.

Open to Loyal NISMO/Nissan Sports car owners

• Costs for participants will be ferry / tunnel, fuel, hotel, tyres & brakes (!) – and a small charge to participate in the event. This charge will be about £100 per car with no additional charge for passengers, payable at point of registration on the Nissan GB web portal that will be viewable soon.
• Outline agenda is:
o 11.30 Arrive 11.30am for briefing at NISMO Centre (a pop-up Nismo showroom, including production cars and GT3 race car)
o 12.15 Lunch in NISMO centre
o 1.00 Lead/follow tuition sessions
o 2.00 Open pitlane until end of day – not sure exact time but think 3 hours track access ending at 5.00

All of this is subject to adjustment but hopefully gives you more of an idea.

Participants would need to get themselves and their cars to the circuit. So, travelling on the day, or possibly day before and staying over, and may want to stop over on the way back too.

Please add your names below if you are interested

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