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I was just wondering if anyone has upgraded to the Nimso slave cylinder on a GTR33 that has the pull to push conversion done to it?

From what I hear there are actually 2 different Nismo Slave cylinders, one is a Pull type and the other is a Push type. As long as you get the push type Nismo Slave you are supposed to be fine.

However, I have also heard that once you do this conversion and have an aftermarket clutch in there, in my case its an ATS twin, then you are not supposed to use the Nismo one, just the stock one that you use in the conversion.

I was wondering if any of you guys had some experience or feedback on this? I was about to buy my slave cylinder today but then I heard this so I want to find out the truth before I make my purchase.

BTW, I am doing this conversion with an ATS Twin if it makes a difference.

Thx a lot.

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