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Hi Guys

I have great please in presenting this latest GTR we have for sale. As usual the car has been fully inspected and serviced to GTRShop specifications.

Its a stunning low mileage car with only 1 UK owner since it was imported 4 years ago.

This car has been garaged for most of its UK life and it tells. The paint is crisp and there is zero corrrosion on the body. Interior is in A1 condition and a non smoked in car. The front lights a clear and not cloudy like many others, zero stone chips to the front area and the rear fog light conversion sits nicely into the rear bumper. The interior seats are burn and rip free and look in excellent shape for the cars age, the carpets are protected with genuine Nissan OEM over mats.

The specification reads like a NISMO catalogue.

NISMO 400R front splitter
NISMO 400R front undertray
NISMO 400R front indicators
NISMO clear side repeaters
NISMO RS springs on V-Spec dampers
NISMO stainless steel down pipes
NISMO stainless steel exhaust with carbon tail pipe.
NISMO Oil/Water Cooler system
NISMO Speedo Clocks converted to MPH (white face)
NISMO Triple cluster gauges with 1.4b boost gauge (white face)
NISMO Twinplate clutch
NISMO rear 1/4 Spats
NISMO Bonnet decal
NISMO Carbon rear spoiler caps.

Other items inc :

ADVAN Monblock AV5 Alloys, increadibly light 9 1/2 x 17 with + 20 offset
RAZO polished alloy gearknob
CAT 1 alarm with spare GTR Key and Fob
DVD player inc with CD
Original Japanese service book complete with service records.

The vehicle also sports a GTRShop ECU and is now running UK fuelling, uprated Boost, ignition and fueling maps. It is currently still running std boost.

price £9999


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Oh Dave, thanks for putting me out of my misery :chuckle:

Honestly, I've been looking at this for ages and thinking of things I can use as an excuse not to have it. The main one being the missus.

'twas a lovely car :)
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