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as titel says , consdering selling my car ,this car was bought trew zele international with 22000km on clock , and was a nismo factory car ,car was regestered in the uk so re reg is possible , got all the copys of the documents , esva is not requierd ,
car is in holland , lefthand drive lights com with the car if car stays in europes mainland
milege about 45000miles serviced every 4000miles , no trackdays or drag racing , no abuse what so ever ,you can see that off the singelplate clutch thats still is on the car after 30000miles ,
g5 satelliet tracker clifford , you can track your car trew mobiel phone or comp ,

>1) Generale specs
> - Nismo R1 Engine and related parts i.u. oil cooler etc
> - Nismo R-tune Suspensions and Links
> - Nismo Fr Bumper
> - Nismo Fr Diff
> - Rays TE37 Black (18x9.5J)
> (Approx 20,000km since engine/suspensions etc changed.)
>450ps/7200rpm this is on 1,1bar
>2) Details
>R-1 (R-tune Concept Engine Spec1)
>Camshaft Int Nismo 64-9.25mm
>Camshaft Exh Nismo 64-9.25mm
>Head Gasket Nismo t=0.9mm 11044-RRR45
>Piston N1+weight balanced
>Con-rods N1+weight balanced
>Crankshaft Std+weight balanced
>Oil Pan Baffle Nismo 11113-RS580
>Timing Belt Nismo 13028-RSR45
>Oil Pump Nismo 15010-RR580
>Fuel Injector sard 700cc/
>Fuel Press Reg sard
>Fuel Pump walbro
>Air Flow Meter Nismo 22680-RR580
>Collector Tank Std
>Air Inlet Pipe Nismo 14460-RS595
>Exhaust Manifold N1
>Exh Mani Gasket Nismo 14036-RSR45
>Turbo T3-55T-0.42A/R GT25-62T-0.64A/R
>Exhaust Outlet Nismo 1444A-RSR46
>Spark Plug Racing Plug #8
>ECM R1 special+ piggybag emanege ultimate
>Catalyst Nismo Weldina NE-1
>Exhaust Nismo Weldina NE-1
>Air Filter Nismo 16546-RN070
>Air Cleaner Duct Nismo 16554-RSR46
>Intercooler Nismo 14461-RNR45
>Radiator Nismo 21410-RSR45
>E/G Oil Cooler Nismo 21300-RSR45
>Oil Separator Nismo 11830-RSR45
>Suspensions Nismo G-Attack R-tune
>Stabilizer Nismo 54600-RSR45
>Suspension Link Nismo Circuit Link
>Bush Nismo
>Fr E/G Mounting Nismo 11220-RS580
>Rr E/G Mounting Nismo 11320-RSR45
>Strut Tower Brace Std
>Wheel Rays TE37 18x9.5J +12
>Fr Brake Caliper big brake kit 8pot gtc
>Fr Brake Discs
>Rr Brake Caliper
>Rr Brake Discs
>Brake Pads Nismo R-tune 41060-RRR45/44060-RRR45
>Brake Hose Nismo 46200-RSR45
>Brake Air Guide Nismo 41180-RSR45
>Transmission Std
>Input Shaft Std
>Clutch Disc Nismo Copper Mix 30100-RS252, needs refreshment
>Clutch Cover Nismo 30210-RS255
>Fr Diff Nismo 38420-RSF16-A
>Rr Diff Std
>Rr Diff Cooler Std
>Propshaft Std
>fenders ztune style need to be painted , can be done here
>Fr Bumper Nismo
>Fr Under Spoiler Std
>Side Skirt nismo
>Rr Under Spoiler nismo
>Rr Spoiler nismo
>Bonnet Nismo R-tune 65100-RSR45
>Door Std
>Fr Seat Std
>Rr Seat Std
>Seat Belt Std
>Steering Std
>Gear Knob Std
>Speedo Nismo 24810-RNR45-W
>MFD Nismo 2371A-RSR48-V
>A/C Std
>Audio Std

offers at 43000pounds or 65000euros
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