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I think the time has come to part with my S14a, as much as I'd love to repair it and use it again, it just isn't in my financial power to do so, especially when I have a GT-R which needs cash sinking into it as well.

Stage 1a Kuro Black (ish) S14a w/ cream interior @ circa 125,000 miles iirc
H-Dev Stage 1a chip
Japspeed type FMIC
Gizzmo MS-IBC boost controller
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Apexi air filter
Blueflame exhaust (turbo back)
Defi Advance CR boost gauge + control unit
(Tasteful) fibreglassed dash housing gizzmo + defi control pad
Apex fast road coilovers (think at least one is goosed though)
Full set of apex control arms
K-Sport 330mm 8pot front brake kit
300zx rear brake kit
EBC blue stuff pads front + rear
Alcantara gear stick gator (nice)
Poly bushed steering rack
ACT streetlite flywheel
ACT HD clutch
Braided clutch lines
Upgraded clutch master / slave cylinders (think they were 300zx ones)
Garage defend carbon fibre cooling panel
18" 8.5/9.5 Ultralite Atec-II wheels (need refurb)
New-ish cam oil spray bars
Nismo oil cap
Carbon fibre coil pack cover
Some Australian transparent CAS cover (can't remember brand)
Battery relocated to boot

Now the bad part - the body is shafted and failed it's last MOT quite seriously. It's riddled with rust, I expect it can be saved if somebody puts a lot of time in to it but I doubt it would be worth doing if you were paying somebody. Then after fixing the rust it would need a full respray. The interior is nearly perfect, puts my GT-R to shame inside and the engine runs really well with good compression, but the rust has well and truly beaten me. I will get some photos but just imagine an S14a with the sills and turrets full of holes and you will get the idea. Also imagine rusty arches and ruined paintwork.. I'd love to see it restored but in reality I imagine it will be best off breaking it.

Obviously it will need trailering away..

I don't have a great idea of what it is worth tbh, but have put a price below based mainly on the parts included... feel free to contradict me in what it's worth but don't be surprised if I decline your offer if it is too substantially less.. :)

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