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Folks, when I had my 300zx VG30DETT we had access to some software and a datalink called ConZult which basically gave readings from the ECU/Engine sensors relayed to a laptop via a hacked datalink (where Nissan consult plugs in).

Is there anything similar available for RB26DETT on a R33 skyline?

Thanks guys:)

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Yes there is something strangely the same.

Its called Nissan Occult.

If you plug a Tefal Toastmaster into the right positive flow of the banana splitter from the ECU, you can measure fart-boosty pressure confabulation.

I have the gromit if you need it.

Heinz Fartyberger Beanz.

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I saw one being used on me 34(and can be used on the 32/33) before I changed my ECU to an Apexi.

When I had the Apexi installed the consult couldn't be used but, the Apexi allows more 'tuning' where as the consult only told you what was going on in the engine.

Hope that sort of helps.

See Ya.

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