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Why are the Nissan dealers driving down the price of 2nd hand UK GTRs?

It should not be the case that the two cheapest UK GTRs on autotrader and pistonheads are both with franchised HPCs (JFE and Alex Noble) - do they not know how this works - keep the prices high, in fact if you can buy all 2nd hand cars and keep them high - if the depreciation is good more people will buy new - really is a simple formula that other car companies follow really easily, even with higher volume cars.

eg I'm after a C250 or C350 CDI BLUEeficiency Mercedes C-class estate - all the the cars available on Autotrader/Pistonheads/ebay are with Mercedes dealers and the prices are ridiculously high - like a £1k saving at most on new. This is how you play the game.

Come on Nissan, wake up!!!
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