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This car was registard on 22-06-2009.

This car is better than factory condition. When the car was delieverd to my HPC, they didn't prep it in anyway. It was then takin to my local detailer who preped the car for 3 days using Swissvax products. Then the car got 3 layers of Swissvax Crystal Rock (£500 for 200ml!!). The car was run-in correctly and had its Performance Optimization Service at 1,200 miles.

The car now has 2400 miles on it.

The car has never had any performance mods done, or been to any trackdays.

The car also has a top of the range Tracker fitted, and the genuine Nissan GT-R mats fitted.

The car is bassed in Northern Ireland, and I can collect you from any of our 2 airports, and leave you back to the docks.

If you have any question feel free to PM.

I'm looking £51,995.

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