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11/12/09 - Nissan GT-R Record Breaking Power with AccessPORT on GOTO:Racing Time Attack Contender

GOTO:Racing’s GT-R represents the very edge of development for this particular platform. There are perhaps a handful of fully race-prepared GT-Rs in the world. Of course, because this vehicle is not a factory effort, the progress on the GOTO GT-R is a direct reflection of the aftermarket industry that supports the GT-R. GOTO:Racing and the Lock family have prepared a state of the art chassis. However, at a comparatively heavy 3,400 pounds, this race car needs serious power to be competitive.

The GOTO:Racing GT-R is equipped with the COBB Tuning AccessPORT and custom mapping from a collaboration of Tim Bailey from COBB Tuning Surgeline, Portland, OR and Jon Drenas of HB Speed, Hunington Beach, CA. This form of engine management was a natural choice with the stock turbo chargers and just over 520whp, but some suggested with the recent addition of larger turbos from AMS and fuel injectors from Deatschwerks, that a standalone engine management system was needed. We are pleased to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that the COBB Tuning AccessPORT, with supporting modifications and competent tuning, is capable of coordinating extremely high horsepower.

Vehicle – 2010 Nissan GTR – race prepared by GOTO Racing/Brian Lock Racing
Engine – stock GT-R
Turbo – AMS stock location turbo upgrade
Injectors – Deatschwerks (800cc)
Fuel – 100 octane unleaded
Exhaust– fully catless 3”
Intake – 3.1” ID intake with stock MAF sensors

Technical Tuning details

The key to tuning this car is the addition of the larger inner diameter intakes. The stock intake inner diameter is just 2.5-inches. This substantive increase in intake cross sectional area means that we can accurately measure up to 40% more airflow than is possible with the stock intake system. As you can see from the graph below, we were able to flow close to the limits of the MAF sensor without saturating their 5-Volt limit.

Because we were able to accurately meter airflow throughout the full RPM and boost range, the tuned stock ECU can easily control ignition timing and fueling. We have supplied relevant information for the rest of the tuning parameters in the additional graphs.

Additional mention for Thistle's work on rpm base boost control, overboost cut removal, tcm and maf imput.
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