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Nissan GTR Alcantara Steering Wheel - Group buy cheap!.... if enough people are interested only £650 each

I sold a few of these in the for sale section and since had a few people contact me asking if I had anymore. There were a couple of people who didn't have the funds at the time but showed interest too.

See original listing (inc pics and happy positive feedback from those who bought)

Those of you who are Carbon Fibre Crazy I can get hold of the centre trim for the car for only £85 (don't forget to add this to the cost of wheel if your interested in both)

Pics of the steering wheels:


What you get:


Fully installed in my car:

Gives a really nice feel and because the wheel is a bit smaller in diameter than the stock wheel, it almost dampens/hides breaking/steering judder.

All wheels come with RED stitching so they match perfectly with black edition interiors. I have one installed in my car even though its a premium car and it still looks good.

The deal can go though if 4 or more people are interested:

-4 or more people are interested price will be £675,
-6 or more people are interested price will be £665
-10 or more people are interested price will be £650

Any questions or for bank details etc just PM me please. thanks Any one is welcome to pay cash on collection (as long as you bring your GTR ;)

I would suggest getting it fitted by a tuner/trader - I had mine fitted with SRD 5 ish months ago - it still looks like new and I use my car daily.

Once order has been placed it will take approx. 3 weeks to deliver (plus 1 week to manufacture).

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