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My Nissan R35 GTR (09 plate)
Black Edition Litchfield Stage 1, which is my pride and joy.
Covered 37,000 miles from new, I purchased the car 6yrs ago with 17,500 miles on it, I'm the 2nd owner

This car has never missed a beat and has been 100% reliable was run as completely standard until 29k miles

My GTR has always been driven responsibly, and never thrashed or used launch control, and has always been kept in my garage.
Service history Nobles & Kaizer Motors, I have all receipts from me and previous owner.

The car is in excellent condition for the year, and i doubt you would find a cleaner example.

Spec of car:
Litchfield stage 1
Latest Litchfields gearbox software

The stage 1 power upgrade includes:
Miltek Y pipe
K&N filters
Improved boost control with custom Ecutek code.
Adjustable boost using the steering wheel cruise control button.
Revised ignition control, variable valve timing and fuel maps.
Reduced fuel consumption ( especially on partial throttle conditions).
Increase in both power and torque across the whole rev range.
Litchfield Racerom switchable maps for different fuel octane ratings.
Litchfield custom launch control settings when used with gearbox software upgrade.
Full gearbox oil pan drain every fluid change

Alcon brakes
Pagid RS29 pads
MPSS Tyres
Gearbox Solenoid Clips
R35 audio 4 light rear kit

The car is regularly detailed by myself using auto finesse products and once a year fully clay barred, iron X, tardis, and machine polished if needed, also in my ownership the car has only ever been washed with fully deionised water (PPM 0) and metro-vac dried.

The car has been an absolute joy to own

Also comes with a spare set of OE Dunlop Runflats (5mm)
Ecutekcable and dongle



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