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Hi all, first post here - hopefully it won't be considered too shameless, as it defintely has some GT-R relevance :D

I'm writing from the team that runs the 'Nissan Racing' social media channels, the official hubs for all Nissan GT1 related news, race reports, imagery and live race commentary from the Sumo Power GT/JRM garages as the action happens (plus the odd bit of other Nissan motorsport related info).

As you might already be aware, the GT-R is going great guns in this year's World Championship, racking up four race victories in the first seven rounds of the series and sitting first in the drivers' standings (Michael Krumm and Lucas Luhr - no.23 JRM) and second in the teams' standings (JRM).

If you're not already, it'd be great to have you following us for the remainder of the season, when hopefully we'll be able to provide you with news about further domination from the GT-Rs!

Unfortunately it seems I'm not able to post direct links yet due to not having a high enough post count, but please just search nissan racing on Facebook and nissan_racing on Twitter

Thanks all!
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