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Hi all

We at MGT are pleased to announce that we are now suppliers of Racing Line Products here in Nuneaton.


When looking to increase your engines performance there arrives a point where improved access to a greater volume of fuel is needed. This is usually accomplished with a variety of components including; larger fuel injectors, fuel regulator (for improved fuel pressure control), and often replacement of the original fuel lines with Aeroquip. Our fuel rails are a much needed addition to such power gains as they offer an increased volume of fuel directly to your fuel injectors and also allow the easy installation of Aeroquip fuel lines.

Our Nissan Skyline fuel rail kit features:

• An increased internal bore size of 18mm.
• M20x1.5 Threaded ends.
• Adjustable brackets.
• Supplied with a choice of Stainless Steel adapters to offer a wide variety of fittings on either end of the fuel rail.
• Precision Machined from 6061 extruded Aluminium.
• Coated in a tough military specification black anodising.
• Fuel rail brackets with matching M4 stainless steel cap head bolts and matching snarl washers.
• Laser engraved Racinglines logo.

To ensure easy installation and allow for a multitude of fuel line arrangements we also include the following adapters for either end of the fuel rail:

• X2 Stainless Steel M20x1.5 to AN6 male / male adapters.
• X1 Stainless Steel M20x1.5 to M!2x1.25 reducing bush (to allow fitment of a banjo bolt and banjo).

Suitable for the following Nissan Skyline models:

• 1989-2002 Skyline GTR
• 1989-1994 Skyline GTR R32
• 1995-1997 Skyline GTR R33
• 1999-2002 Skyline GTR R34

PLEASE NOTE: We produce two options of fuel rail injector size, 10.5mm (standard fuel injector) and 11mm (commonly found with uprated injectors).

We offer 10% to all forum members RRP £198.57 our price £178.73 all in

Regards MGT
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