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I put this up for sale earlier in the year due to land purchase but couldn’t bring myself to sell in the end, however circumstances have changed and she must now go.:mad:

Bit of history, the engine was taken from my old R32 which had a rust problem, the engine was fully rebuilt by Abbey 18k miles ago with forged pistons, new crank and oil pump etc and run at 0.9 bar for 13k miles on standard (steel internal) turbos, increased to 1.1 bar late 04 following a new ECU and re-map by Abbey. The engine was fitted to the current car in October 05 when the bottom end was refreshed and rebuilt Greddy 517z turbos were fitted. In Feb this year after approx 1k run in, the car was taken to Abbey to fit HKS 272 cams, HKS adjustable cam wheels, HKS 680 injectors, HKS fuel rail, Sard fuel pressure regulator, Tomei fuel pump, new cam belt and pulleys, OS triple plate clutch, HKS map sensor and HKS V-pro ECU. Dan at Abbey re-mapped taking max boost setting from 1.1 to 1.3 bar, which produced 485BHP at the hubs and 407FT. The car has only covered 2k miles since and has been totally faultless.

The car is in Gunmetal grey with 17” BBS LM’s, Nismo front vents and rear lip spoiler, 60k miles 10 months MOT & 3 months Tax. In Excellent condition, no rust. 1 owner in Japan and 1 previous UK owner, imported to UK Oct 03 as standard car. All mods done within UK and since my ownership the oil has been changed every 1k miles. Not been on the track or down the strip

The bad bits. Slight scratch on the n/s front bumper and the bonnets paintwork is a bit flat and could do with a buff or respray. Bit of wear on the drivers seat and door card. The exhaust is very very loud (but I have a spare if you can’t cope) and the clutch is heavy, but you do get used to it.

Spec list

Early R32 block
R34 Head
JE forged pistons
NIS crank
NIS oil pump
HKS 272 cams
HKS adjustable cam pulleys
HKS fuel rail
HKS 680 injectors
HKS hard pipes
HKS induction and AFM deletion kit – no turbo shuffle
HKS map sensor
HKS F-con V pro Gold ECU
HKS front pipe
New cam angle sensor
New coil amplifier
1.2mm steel head gasket
Greddy 517z turbos
Sard fuel pressure regulator
Tomei fuel pump
OS Giken triple plate clutch
Greddy iridium 08 plugs
Splitfire coils
Up rated large intercooler
Up rated large radiator
Blitz radiator cap
Apexi air filters
Straight through de-cat exhaust system
Greddy oil catch tank
Blitz boost controller
HKS Turbo timer
Hicas removal bar
Solid rear subframe bushes
Front and rear strut braces
Tein front suspension
BBS 17” LM alloys
255/40ZR17 Goodyear F1 tyres (6mm+)
Nismo 260 Kph Speedo
Italvolanti steering wheel

Reluctant genuine sale, for full details phone Rich on 07775 721 946

£10k ovno

Genuine enquires only, the car is currently in storage so will need to arrange viewing.

Old thread and Pictures below

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10k is a bargain for this spec and history....

it worries me that people will let them go for such a cheap price !

Good luck with the sale - i expect this will go very quickly :)

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Free BTTT!!!!

Viewed this car a few weeks back and have been thinking ever since whether to buy it over another make of car.

Car is everything it says and is easily worth 10K if not more!!! From a buyers point of view, this is the best car going on this site at the moment - taking into account price, condition and mods.

Its bloody quick too :chuckle: :chuckle: :squintdan - defo the quickest R32 ive been in!!!

To anyone that wants a 'proper' gtr then this is the one to look at ;).
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